Excel 2016 Core Part One PDF

Excel 2016 Core Part One PDF


Excel 2016 Core Part One PDF

Author(s): Fishel Shelley.

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Bookboon, 2015. — 151 p. — ISBN: 978-87-403-1174-7This user guide will take you through all the things you need to know when using Excel at a simple level.
You will learn how to:
Get around Excel 2016
Add text and numbers to spreadsheets
Use Autofill to copy formula and create series
Create a basic formula
Use Average Minimum and Maximum
Work with Worksheets
And much more
First things first
Backstage view
Share the workbook with others
Create Worksheets and Workbooks
Adding data
Navigating your Workbook
Workbook Views
Working with Data
Formatting Cells and Worksheets
Merge or Split Cells
Headers and Footers
Printing Headings
Hide and Unhide Rows and Columns
Page Setup Options for Worksheets
Print a Worksheet or a Workbook
Cell Styles
Flash Fill
Create Formulas
Enforce Precedence
Absolute Cell References
Basic Functions
Managing Worksheets and Workbooks
Create and format worksheets
Manipulate window views
About the Author
Shelley Fishel has more than a dozen years’ experience in helping people to get more from their computers. After working for an IT training organization Shelley decided to ‘do her own thing’ when she realized the limitations of delivering standard courses.
“Why waste time and money on training people in areas that are not relevant to them? It’s common sense to invest that time and effort on what they really need.”
That was the ‘light bulb moment’ and the IT Training Surgery’s unique approach has resulted in a growing business with a team of highly qualified IT trainers.
“If trainees get bored they forget most of what they learn. We like to offer a range of training approaches to suit different people and, most of all; we aim to make training fun!”


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