Fresh Leaf Business PowerPoint Templates

Fresh Leaf Business PowerPoint Templates

Fresh Leaf Business PowerPoint Templates



This is a set of fresh leaf background business slide theme, with a total of 24 pages. The design is simple and the page is beautiful. It can be widely used in PowerPoint presentation of workplace training, business plan, work summary, product report and so on.

The cover of PowerPoint template uses the background picture of plant leaves drawn in green watercolor. Place a white rounded rectangle in the middle of the page and fill in the PPT presentation title. The interface is green and fresh.

The content page of PowerPoint template is composed of 22 green dynamic slide charts and PPT text layout. In addition, it uses illustrations of workplace figures, conference training illustrations and other decorations.

Welcome to download! I wish you all the best, happy life and good health!

  • Template pages: Total 24 pages
  • Template page Size: 1280px x 720px
  • Template display ratio: 16:9
  • Template extension:pptx
  • Template language: English | Chinese
  • Applicable software: PowerPoint 2010, 2013,2016,2021…/wps office/office 365/Google slides
  • Template file size: 3.98MB

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