Metaprogramming with Python: A programmer’s guide to writing reusable code to build smarter applications PDF 2022 Free

Metaprogramming with Python: A programmer’s guide to writing reusable code to build smarter applications PDF 2022 Free


Metaprogramming with Python: A programmer’s guide to writing reusable code to build smarter applications PDF 2022 Free

Author(s): Sulekha AloorRavi

Publisher: Packt Publishing, Year: 2022

ISBN: 1838554653,9781838554651

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A practical approach to metaprogramming with real-world examples that enables the development of advanced frameworks, libraries, and applications using Python

Key Features

  • Learn applied metaprogramming through a simple step-by-step approach
  • Work with easily understandable examples and explanations that take you deep into the theory of metaprogramming
  • Get practical experience in writing reusable code with real-world examples

Book Description

Effective and reusable code makes your application development process seamless and easily maintainable. With Python, you will have access to advanced metaprogramming features that you can use to build high-performing applications.

The book starts by introducing you to the need and applications of metaprogramming, before navigating the fundamentals of object-oriented programming. Next, you will learn about simple decorators, work with metaclasses, and later focus on introspection and reflection. You’ll also delve into generics and typing before defining templates for algorithms. As you progress, you will understand your code using abstract syntax trees and explore method resolution order. This Python book also shows you how to create your own dynamic objects before structuring the objects through design patterns. Finally, you will learn simple code-generation techniques along with discovering best practices and eventually building your own applications.

By the end of this learning journey, you’ll have acquired the skills and confidence you need to design and build reusable high-performing applications that can solve real-world problems.

What you will learn

  • Understand the programming paradigm of metaprogramming and its need
  • Revisit the fundamentals of object-oriented programming
  • Define decorators and work with metaclasses
  • Employ introspection and reflection on your code
  • Apply generics, typing, and templates to enhance your code
  • Get to grips with the structure of your code through abstract syntax trees and the behavior through method resolution order
  • Create dynamic objects and generate dynamic code
  • Understand various design patterns and best practices

Who this book is for

If you are an intermediate-level Python programmer looking to enhance your coding skills by developing reusable and advanced frameworks, then this book is for you. Basic knowledge of Python programming will help you get the most out of this learning journey.

Table of Contents

  1. The Need For and Applications of Meta programming
  2. Refresher of OOP Concepts in Python
  3. Understanding Decorators and Their Applications
  4. Working with Metaclasses
  5. Understanding Introspection
  6. Implementing Reflection on Python Objects
  7. Understanding Generics and Typing
  8. Defining Templates for Algorithms
  9. Understanding Code through Abstract Syntax Tree
  10. Understanding Method Resolution Order of Inheritance
  11. Creating Dynamic Objects
  12. Applying GOF Design Patterns – Part 1
  13. Applying GOF Design Patterns – Part 2
  14. Generating Code from AST
  15. Implementing a Case Study
  16. Following Best Practices


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