Project Management 12th Edition PDF 2022

Project Management 12th Edition PDF 2022

66/ 100Project Management 12th Edition PDF 2022 2



Project Management 12th Edition PDF 2022

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Project management has evolved from a management philosophy restricted to a few functional areas and regarded as something nice to have to an enterprise project management system affecting every functional unit of the company. Simply stated, project management has evolved into a business process rather than merely a project management process. More and more companies are now regarding project management as being mandatory for the survival of the firm. Organizations that were opponents of project management are now advocates. Management educators of the past, who preached that project management could not work and would be just another fad, are now staunch supporters. Project management is here to stay. Colleges and universities are now offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in project management.

Content :

  • Overview
  • Project Management Growth: Concepts and Definitions
  • Organizational Structures
  • Organizing and Staffing the Project Office and Team
  • Management Functions
  • Comm unications Management
  • Conflicts
  • Special Topics
  • The Variables for Success
  • Working with E executives
  • Planning
  • Network Scheduling Techniques
  • Pricing and Estimating
  • Cost Control


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