Project Management for Scholarly Researchers PDF 2022

Project Management for Scholarly Researchers PDF 2022

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Project Management for Scholarly Researchers PDF 2022: Systems, Innovation, and Technologies

Author(s): Adedeji B. Badiru

Series: Systems Innovation Book Series

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2022

ISBN: 1032080965,9781032080963

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This book presents practical guidelines for university research and administration. It uses a project management framework within a systems perspective to provide strategies for planning, scheduling, allocating resources, tracking, reporting, and controlling university-based research projects and programs.

Project Management for Scholarly Researchers: Systems, Innovation, and Technologies covers the technical and human aspects of research management. It discusses federal requirements and compliance issues, in addition to offering advice on proper research lab management and faculty mentoring. It explains the hierarchy of needs of researchers to help readers identify their own needs for their research enterprises.

This book provides rigorous treatment and guidance for all engineering fields and related business disciplines, as well as all management and humanities fields.


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