Project Management in the 21st Century PDF

Project Management in the 21st Century PDF


Project Management in the 21st Century PDF: What You Need to Know About the Elephant, Eco-system and Experience

Author(s): Gregory Usher

Series: Management for Professionals

Publisher: Springer, Year: 2021

ISBN: 3030715426,9783030715427

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This is a different kind of book on project management. Using a narrative tone, humor and personal anecdotes, the author highlights the significant gaps in current project management theory as well as disparities within project management practice. This book then provides managers with new models for project management and value creation using chaos and complexity theories, systems thinking and quantum mechanics to explore a more holistic view of project management. Drawing on these bodies of knowledge, the author proposes the existence of an ecosystem that surrounds projects, explains how the project and its ecosystem are distinct, but co-dependent entities, and shows why both need to be managed using very different competencies.


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