Shoot This Way: Introduction, Learn Basics of Photography, Develop the Skill, Learn Photography and Excel in it

Shoot This Way: Introduction, Learn Basics of Photography, Develop the Skill, Learn Photography and Excel in it


Shoot This Way: Introduction, Learn Basics of Photography, Develop the Skill, Learn Photography and Excel in it.

Author(s): John Smith, Ugochi Okeke

Publisher: Independently published, Year: 2021

ISBN: 9798735220633

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“Skill in photography is acquired by practice and not by purchase – Percy W Harris”

Learn photography faster, easy way and master the skill and become a professional

‘Shoot This Way’ is a book revealing the entire process from start to finish. This book contains a simplified breakdown that helps you get familiar with your camera; this contains a breakdown of the different lenses and parts of a camera with its functions. Choosing the particular camera type to get started with can be a personal choice that’s why the author of this book took a step overlooked by other authors to dedicate a chapter solely for the aim of helping you choose the right camera, this chapter features the different types of cameras, their capabilities, and modifications in the production of outstanding images.

Because the camera alone can’t define the creativity embodied in photography, a part of this book gives a list of equipment that enhances the quality of the image to be captured or already captured, these equipment plays essential roles in lightening, the stability of the camera (tripod stand) during capture, easy carriage of equipment needed to capture your passion. The most important factor in creating successful photos is design. The ability to see the potential of powerful photos and then organize graphic elements into effective, eye-catching composition has always been one of the key skills in making photos. Digital photography brings new and exciting aspects to the design-first because the instant feedback of the digital camera can be immediately evaluated and improved. Techniques used in photography featured the different techniques that can be applied towards achieving a high level of creativity, this includes; High-Speed Photography, Traffic light trail, Night photography, Motion Blur and many more.

Having help mastered the basics of photography, get familiar with our camera settings and “exposure triangle” among other concepts of photography, and are spinning some dials and are used to shooting RAW images in “manual mode”. But we still lack an important part of photography. Our photos do not look as attractive as the photos we have been admiring online or in galleries, and it all depends on the light and composition. Composition is one of the most important aspects of photography, whether you want to master landscape photography or composition adding photography company, that’s why this book broke down the long process required to learn photo composition with this chapter Master picture composition which embodied; Rules of thirds, Central part, and symmetry, Consider the background and foreground, Frames within frames (inner frame), Diagonal lines and triangles and many more.

It is said that the clear image is very clear. It is said that the completely blurred image is out of focus. The same metaphor applies to your thoughts. Your mind is sharp, when you concentrate, You are focused. When you are confused, you lose focus. During the learning process, you can use focus to draw the viewer’s attention to the most important part of the scene. Also, you will learn how to do photography with a DSLR camera, digital photography complete course, basic photography lessons, and also you will learn to see creatively.

Read, do a lot of practice and learn the skill.

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