Simplified Business Statistics Using SPSS PDF 2022

Simplified Business Statistics Using SPSS PDF 2022


Simplified Business Statistics Using SPSS PDF 2022

Author(s): Gabriel Otieno Okello

Publisher: Chapman and Hall/CRC, Year: 2022

ISBN: 1032265175,9781032265179

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Statistics are used throughout businesses to present and analyse data and decide on best practice. Simplified Business Statistics Using SPSS provides a practical approach to these concepts and their applications in business, economics and other areas of data analytics. This book guides the reader though these concepts without assuming prior knowledge and is an ideal reference for business analytics students and researchers in related fields.


  • Includes simplified statistical contents and a step-by-step guide on how to apply statistical concepts by perform analysis using Statistical Package for Social Sciences together with an interpretation of the statistical analysis output
  • Provides a wide range of data sets to be used for examples and illustrations
  • Designed to be accessible to readers with varied backgrounds


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