The Silver Bullets of Project Management PDF 2022

The Silver Bullets of Project Management PDF 2022


The Silver Bullets of Project Management PDF 2022

Author(s): Christopher Lennon

Publisher: Routledge, Year: 2021

ISBN: 1032037814,9781032037813

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This book provides practical guidance for corporate decision makers, project managers, project engineers, and for those wishing to grasp the key issues that define project success. The book represents a distillation of years of practical experience and offers a clear and concise ‘blueprint’ for how to approach projects and their management.

This book is designed to be ‘clean and simple’ in its delivery – allowing the reader to immediately have ‘take aways’ that could be implemented within a project, adding value to any approach dealing with the key common problems and issues that arise within the project medium. The book can be applied to a wide range of scenarios in which project management is required – from setting up an organisation, creating distribution networks, bringing new technology to market, and to designing a leadership and training architecture within an organisation.

The book, in addition to being a go-to reference book on project management for professional project managers and business leaders, is also ideal for postgraduate and undergraduate students studying project management. It is written to be user friendly, yet provides a wealth of information and tips that will enhance the readers knowledge and understanding of managing projects.


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